Gatlin’s, the custom framing difference!

Gatlin’s offers a broad choice of framing materials, glass, and mat boards, so that you have the option to frame your artwork in materials that are either intended for temporary, short-term decorative pieces, or that provide long-term preservation for those works that you truly care about.

Lets talk mounts for a minute.  Mount board is an essential component to a custom framed piece.  It is used to support and protect framed artwork and comes in archival and non archival quality.

So what’s the difference between archival framing and non, and why should you care?  Well, simply put, cheap mats and frames can significantly damage your artwork.  Using non archival mounts puts your artwork in contact with acidic materials.

What happens next?  The acid in non archival materials will begin to migrate into the artwork and will significantly age it.  The acidity will cause discoloration and fragility in the piece, sometimes within just a few months! Sounds scary I know, but don’t worry, that’s where we come in!

At Gatlin’s, your work will always be handled with the greatest care.  We will always protect your work so that it can last a lifetime, and that is the custom framing difference!

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