Gatlin’s, a custom framing boutique!

Gatlin’s is a boutique custom frame shop, with an offering of excellent mouldings, in a variety of styles.

Gatlin’s offers a broad choice of framing materials, glass, and mat boards, so that you have the option to frame your artwork in materials that are either intended for temporary, short-term decorative pieces, or that provide long-term preservation for those works that you truly care about.

Gatlin’s Framing is open five days a week. This is not a hobby that I’ve chosen to do in my garage in my retirement, to make a little extra money. I study the craft, and I stay on top of framing techniques that ensure your works will be framed safely and correctly, without causing damage or devaluing your work. In other words, I take what I do very seriously.

My relationship with you is personal. You will never be greeted with indifference by a bored part-timer or a non-professional working for minimum wage. At Gatlin’s you will receive excellent customer service, and you will not be taken for granted. I want the very best for you! This is not a “discount” frame shop, and you will never be treated as if it is. Expect only the best of everything at Gatlin’s Framing!

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