Tea for the seasons…

A new season approaches as we say “farewell” to summer and welcome the changing leaves of fall. With brisk air and sweater weather around the corner, you may be wondering what tea is best to curl up with during this seasonal transition.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

If you favor an herbal or fruit tea, “Mercedes Apple Spice” might just be for you.  Made with some of the richest and spiciest ingredients, this tea delivers flavor and character.  Opening notes of crisp apple are delicately layered with exotic cardamom, cloves and pepper.  With a light, lingering cinnamon finish, this tea is fall in a mug!

If you’re more of a black tea drinker but still want that warm seasonal spice, “Holiday Winter Spice” might be right up your alley!  With a fabulous blend of cinnamon, cloves, dried herbs and just a hint of citrus fruit, this is the perfect tea to cozy up to on a chilly autumn evening or cold winter day.

For the lighter, non-caff drinker, “Ginger Pieces” is a great option.  This tea has just enough spice to keep you toasty on those cold days.  It is also perfect for fending off those stuffy noses and sore throats during cold season!

We have all of these gourmet loose-leaf teas and more here at Gatlin’s! Come on by and let us brew you a mug!

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