Tea for the seasons…

Another long winter is tapering gently into spring/summer and you are wondering “what tea will help me through this transition?” A damn fine question, and it deserves a damn fine answer.

There are a number of options you have at this point; let’s say you are a black tea drinker. Well the weather lately has been a bit chilly, but hints of summer keep popping up. Try the “9 Blend Black Dragon”. It’s dark with malty notes for those chilly days, but not so malty that you can’t drink it in warmer weather. The gentle nutty flavor is surprisingly light for a tea as visibly dark as this one, and can bridge the gap between cool, sweater-wearing days and the warmer “t-shirt” days.

If you drink green teas, you are definitely in for a treat. Japan Gyokuro has the body and mid-range of a darjeeling for the cooler days, but a bit of cleansing astringency in the finish for the warmer days. This tea is amazing, a “flavor” fee-eth-ta!

For the herbal, non-caff tea drinker, blend a bit of my “Ginger Pieces” with some Peppermint for a spicy warming blend on cool days, and a refreshing pick-me-up on warmer days.

We have a great selection of gourmet loose-leaf tea at Gatlin’s in downtown New Bedford! Come by and let me make you a cup!

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